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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual boundary marking a real geographic area. There is no physical fence. Geofences can be made in any shape and size and can be placed anywhere. The system only picks up your phone when you enter one of these virtual areas.

Does it track me wherever I go?

No. The system only recognizes latitude and longitude points within the geofenced area, so it can only pick your phone’s location up when it is in a Be Seen Be Safe geofenced area. Outside of those areas we do not, and cannot, record your movements.    

I don’t want to get constant notifications, can I turn them off?

Yes. In your ‘Account’, there are options for toggling on and off different notifications, such as personal movements on and off your own property, visitor movements on and off your own property, or personal movements on and off any other properties within the Be Seen Be Safe system.

Does this kill my phone’s battery life?

No. For example, when using other GPS or navigational apps, battery is drained because the app is constantly looking for your location. However, for Be Seen Be Safe, the geofences are stored offline and the app will only detect your device’s location when you are in a geofenced area. Otherwise, the app will be inactive, waiting for the next geofence area trigger.

What if a visitor doesn’t have the Be Seen Be Safe app?

Their visit will not be recorded in the system, so you should ask them to download it! It’s free and helps keep your industry safe. This system works better if everyone is on it. It is the producers’ job to notify any visitors or personnel that they need to download the app to enter their Be Seen Be Safe protected property.

Who can see my property visits?

Only you can see your personal record of property visits and you have access to these through a password protected secure login. Provided you keep your login details private, you are the only person who can see your individual movements.    

Does it work in an area with no cell service?

The app can run offline. It will not be able to send the visitor or the property owner instant notifications but it will store any geofence visits within the app until it is in cell service again. At which point, the visit will be documented in your records.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you have already registered but have forgotten your password, simply click the Forgot your password? Click here button at the bottom of the login page, and follow the easy instructions.    


Learn how to create an account, use the dashboard as an administrator, run visitor books, utilize association statistics, and simulate a disease outbreak.


Learn how to create an account, use the dashboard as a farm owner, run a visitor book, and view your property’s visitor statistics and geofence.


Learn how to create an account, use the dashboard as a service provider, view your personal visit activity and statistics, and how to receive and send messages.


How-to Videos


Check out our YouTube channel for how-to videos on everything to do with the Be Seen Be Safe system. Including downloading the app, registering your account, running a visitor book, or just how to navigate the dashboard.


We are constantly improving the system for our dedicated userbase.

We are currently working on:

Improving battery usage
Customization of visitor book columns
Overlaying wind and wild bird movement data onto disease simulations
And more!

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